Interstices (2019 – 2020) is a composition for spoken voice, surrounded by electronic music. The text entails the impact of our present society on the individual, and the (im)possibility of escaping it. The music gives its commentaries, using a world of contemporary sounds.

The text is written by Bruno Allain, an author, actor and visual artist who lives and works in Paris.


violin, cello & piano

The pianotrio (2017 – 2018) was written for Duco Burgers’ final piano exam, at the 21th of juni, 2018, at the Utrecht Conservatory. Sheet music available by Donemus

Click here for a performance (2019) with Carien de Bakker, violin, Camilo Cabassi, cello and Duco Burgers, piano; beneath the video registration.


harp solo

‘Ten’ (2015 – 2016) is a virtuoso harp composition, dedicated to Anneleen Schuitemaker. Sheet music available by


bass clarinet & tape

“Pastiche” for bass clarinet & tape (1992-94) is the first piece by Simon Burgers with electronic sounds. It has been played worldwide. Bart Schneemann made an arrangement for hobo & tape, Hubert-Jan Hubeek for alto saxophone & tape. Choreographer Thom Stuart made a ballet on it, video artist Jan Peter van der Wenden created an animation movie , see

Click here for a recording (1994) with Erik van Deuren, bass clarinet.

Sheet music + cd available by Donemus,

Feast in the Fields of Yellow Corn

woodwind Ensemble & tape

Feest in de gele maisvelden was commisioned by the Dutch Woodwind Ensemble. It had its première at the New Years Concert, Januar the 1st, 2004 in the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam. Theme of the concert was ‘Mommy’.

The title of the work can be explained by the two following elements. (1) In the piece, a motiv is woven that was song in the childhood of the composer by his mother on the words Day after day in the fields of yellow corn (part of and old song of American slaves). (2) in the piece a theme is quoted from Fêtes by Claude Debussy.

Click here for an audio version of the live-performance at Januar the 1st, 2004; beneath for the video registration.

Sheet music available by Donemus,

Spring Is Forgetting Us

rap & tape

Video animation by Alexis Aravantinos (2019), music Simon Burgers; rap performed by Dirk Hamaker

Spring Is Forgetting Us (1999) is a composition for a rapper + tape. In the piece, parts of Chopins prelude in b flat minor are woven. The text is a collection of quotes from letters by Chopin to and about his mistress, the writer George Sand.

The Dutch Woodwind Ensemble put the piece central during its New Year Concert 2001 in the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam. For that occasion, the piece was arranged in several ways. The concert (and related cd) were entitled Le printemps nous oublie.

In the audio version below (1999) the rap was performed by Dirk Hamaker.


Spin off

woodwind ensemble & tape

Spin off was written in 1998 for the Dutch Woodwind Ensemble. A special version of ten minutes was made for a musical cross over night in the Concertgebouw, whose big hall had been transformed to a dance floor. Classical musicians performed alternately with dj’s.

The NBE gave the premiere of a concert version of five minutes during her New Year Concert, first of januar, 1999. NRC-Handelsblad wrote about this piece: “Aggressif noise, that doesn’t give a hopeful image of present and future “.

Click here for an audio version of the live-performance at Januar the 1st, 1999, beneath for the video registration.

Sheet music available by Donemus,


piano solo

Chrysoliet (1981) is a composition for piano solo. De title is rather associative and refers to the cool beauty of the world of minerals. The piece can be seen as an attempt to translate this cool stringent beauty in a musical way.

Click here for a performance (2019) by Duco Burgers; beneath the video registration.

Sheet music available by Donemus,

Bach 2000

woodwind ensemble, amateur musicians, tape

In Bach 2000 were woven more than hundred themes and motives of J.S. Bach. It was composed in the year 2000, two hundred fifty years after Bachs dead. It was a commission by the Dutch Woodwind Ensemble for a project with high school children. The piece has been performed three times: with children in Eindhoven, Enschede and Groningen.

Click here for a part of the live performance at Groningen, 17 december 2000.

Sheet music available by Donemus,

Torenval / Tower Fall

choir & wind orchestra

Torenval is a music theatre production. written for amateurs in Westzaan. The piece relates the catastrophic collapse of the tower of the church in the year 1843. The piece was performed five times in the big church at Westzaan.

As the music was especcially written for this theatre production, it isn’t apt for autonomous performance. An exceptions is the part Dies Irae for mixed choir and brass instruments (or piano reduction), that can be performed separatedly.

Sheet music available by Donemus,

Windkracht / Wind Force

trumpet & tape

Windkracht is a music theater production from 2006 – 2007. It was a solo performance by and about trumpet player André Heuvelman, directed by Cherry Duyns; Marc Felperlaan and Igor Lesic created videos. The music for the play was composed and/or arranged by Simon Burgers: compositions for trumpet &t ape as well for trumpet solo, for tape and for voice & tape (a rap). Windkracht has been performed often, for instance in the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam and Muziekcentrum Vredenburg, Utrecht..

Three of its compositions for trumpet & tape are available by Donemus: the March, the Tango and the Blues. These can be performed autonomously. See

Nana, an arrangement of a song by De Falla, for trumpet & tape, can be found on this site here.

Vroeger is dood

Movie, 1987

Vroeger is dood (‘The Past is Dead’) is a movie based on the novel by Inez van Dullemen, directed by Ine Schenkkan and with in the main role Jasperina de Jong. The movie won the ‘Golden Calf’ for best movie of the year in 1987. 

The film music was written for an ensemble consisting of clarinet/bass clarinet & string quartet.

De Bunker

Movie, 1992

De Bunker is based on an true event, the escape of Gerrit Kleinveld from concentration camp Amersfoort during the Second World War. Thom Hofmann had the main role, director was Gerard Soeteman. The music in the movie was performed by the Metropole Orkest.


Dutch tv production

Urashima is a traditional Japannees tale. It was adapted for tv in 2001, by scriptwriter Coot van Doesburg, directed by Hansje Quartel and played Malou Gorter and Joep Onderdelinden. The musical ensemble contains saxophone, hobo, trumpet, bassoon, harp and Japannees percussion instruments.

De wolkenberg

Theater production

De wolkenberg (‘The Mountain of Clouds’) was a theater production made in 2002 – 2003. It was suitable for children as well as adults, consisting of five traditional Oriental tales, told by Peter van der Linden and played by Marieke Stordiau, bassoon, and Marijn Korff de Gidts, percussion instruments.

De twaalf vensters van kristal

Theater production

De twaalf vensters van kristal (‘The Twelve Crystal Windows’) was a theater production, made in 2006 = 2007. It was suitable for children as well as adults, consisting of six traditional Russian tales, told by Peter van der Linden and played by Marieke Stordiau, bassoon, Tanya Schaap / Jacobien Rozemond, violin, and Marijn Korff de Gidts, percussion instruments.

BachBurgers’ Allegro

piano solo

BachBurgers Allegro (1990) is a piano composition. The right hand plays the Allegro the sonata for violin solo in a minor by J.S. Bach, the left hand part was invented by Simon Burgers.


Click here for an audio version of BachBurgers’ Allegro

Evening, Night…

choir & piano

Avond, Nacht is a small composition for choir (two voices) & piano on two poems by Paul van Ostaijen, Berceuse nr. 2 and Melopee. The piece can be performed by female choir as well as by mens choir or mixed choir. The two parts can also be performed separately. Next to that, Melopee can be sung with electronic accompaniment instead of piano.


Click here for the electronic accompaniment of Metope.


trumpet & tape

The original Nana is a song by Manuel de Falla. This arrangement for trumpet & tape was written in 2006 for trumpet player André Heuvelman as a part of the music theatre production Windkracht.

Click above for the tape, version b minor (trumpet starts at 0’41”). Beneath the sheet music.

Click above for the tape, version c minor (trumpet starts at 0’41”). Beneath the sheet music.