Windkracht / Wind Force

trumpet & tape

Windkracht is a music theater production from 2006 – 2007. It was a solo performance by and about trumpet player André Heuvelman, directed by Cherry Duyns; Marc Felperlaan and Igor Lesic created videos. The music for the play was composed and/or arranged by Simon Burgers: compositions for trumpet &t ape as well for trumpet solo, for tape and for voice & tape (a rap). Windkracht has been performed often, for instance in the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam and Muziekcentrum Vredenburg, Utrecht..

Three of its compositions for trumpet & tape are available by Donemus: the March, the Tango and the Blues. These can be performed autonomously. See

Nana, an arrangement of a song by De Falla, for trumpet & tape, can be found on this site here.