Simon Burgers (The Hague, 1958) did his examen Gymnasium ß in 1976. In 1977 – 1979 he studied piano with Leendert Huges at the Sweelinck Conservatory, Amsterdam, and in 1979 – 1985 composition with Klaas de Vries at the Rotterdam Conservatory. During the same period he studied Dutch Language & Literature at the University of Amsterdam (bachelor examen 1983, master examen 1985, both cum laude).

In 1986 – 1991 he worked as a teacher at the Gymnasium Haganum, The Hague, thereafter as a lecturer at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

Simon Burgers has written songs, works for choir, chamber music and orchestral works. His Concerto for alto saxophone & wind orchestra (1986) was performed in the VS by Arno Bornkamp with the Navy Orchestra. “Pastiche!” (1994) for bas clarinet & electronics has been played worldwide.

He wrote the scores for the Dutch movies Vroeger is dood (Ine Schenkkan, 1986) and De bunker (Gerard Soeteman, 1992) as well as for the tv production Urashima (VPRO, 2000). With actor/narrator Peter van der Linden he cooperated in Oosterse sprookjes (2003) and De twaalf vensters van kristal (2006). Hij wrote and arranged the music for the theater production Windkracht (2007), performed/acted by trumpet player André Heuvelman and directed by Cherry Duyns.

He collaborated with the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble in his compositions Spin off (1998), Bach 2000 (2000), Spring Is Forgetting Us (2000), Feest in de gele maisvelden (2003) and Waanvoorstelling (2009). For this last work he also wrote the text.

His harp solo Senza pedale (2011) was the mandatory work during the Rosa Spier Harpconcours 2011. For the final conservatory examen piano of his son Duco Burgers in 2018 he wrote a Trio for piano, violin & cello.

Next to that he published a number of articles, some poems, the novel De rectrix (1995) and two study books. Together with his daughter, jurist/writer Laura Burgers, he published the young adult thrillers Copycat (2011) and Het Morelli principe (2014).